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ZSentry improves, secures, and aggregates user's services on the desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

With ZSentry, you and your users get unfettered mobility. People can send, store, and read secure information, while using existing email, webmail, SMS, IM, fax, voicemail, file storage, Single-Sign-On, and devices, without change.

ZSentry works with all leading solutions. For example, use with any or all of Android (Samsung, HTC, Motorola), Apple (including Mac, iPhone, iPod, Mail, iPad, iCloud, Safari), BlackBerry (RIM devices, Mobile Fusion), Google (Apps, Gmail, Chrome), Linux (including Apache, Postfix, Dovecot), Microsoft (Windows, Phone 7, Outlook, Outlook Express, Live, Windows Mail, Office, Office 365, Exchange, Internet Explorer), Mozilla (Thunderbird, Firefox), Nokia (S60, Lumia), Yahoo, and other products, for secure mail, webmail, SMS, IM, web forms, Single-Sign-On, file storage, and other applications. There are several ways you can use ZSentry, even all at the same time, without any changes to existing services, on multiple platforms.

ZSentry enables the communication convergence of secure services "Anywhere, Anyway". The terms Anywhere (Desktop, Web, Cloud and Mobile platforms) and Anyway (including email, webmail, browsers, web forms, SMS, IM, and file storage) describe the unique capabilities of ZSentry with very different systems and platforms, adding native (no plugins), usable (nothing to learn), secure (Sans Target™), and seamless (zero-added user interface) communication convergence while assuring regulatory compliance.

With ZSentry you do not have to choose between Desktop, Cloud, Web, and Mobile setups, or Outlook and Google Apps. You can have it all be HIPAA-compliant and work together, today.

ZSentry is also complementary to the solutions you already have, and works with them without changes, plugins, or installation. For example, you can continue to send and read email using the same Mail client, ISP, email addresses, and in the same way that you are already used to, but now with added functionality and securely.

Your choice is mainly where to start. To help you decide, this page provides a technical background of the ZSentry Use OptionsClick

Sans Target™

Given the march of technology, the only way to truly protect information is through the absence of a target — because no firewall is good enough, and no defense is strong enough, to stop every attacker from inflicting harm.

Secure, Free, First-Contact: What are the most valuable emails for your organization? The emails that you receive. With ZSentry, you can make them secure and free to send. Eliminates regulatory concerns. Provides Free HIPAA-Compliant Patient-Physician Email.

Maximizes Value: Because ZSentry is indeed a complement to Microsoft, Google, Apple, and other platforms, a user's setup can use any or all of them, and change the mix at any time. This allows users to easily "route around" and overcome a failure affecting a system or its network. For example, a cell phone can be used to send and receive secure email if the office Internet line is down. Benefits include more functionality, allowing users to do more, redundancy with Microsoft and Google serving as two independent IT systems, improved availability, reduced risk, potentially less cost (vs single-sourcing), and the capacity to add more platforms (for example, Oracle, SAP, IBM, iPad, mobile) as needed. You can also setup a redundant ZSentry system, that you physically control, with ZSentry Director.

No Download, No Add-on, No Plugin, No Changes: All options work without any installation or plugins.

Privacy, HIPAA and HITECH Safe Harbor: All options can operate in compliance with US and international regulations, including Safe Harbor provisions that eliminate breach liability.

Security, Mail and Single Sign On: All options are already integrated with Mail and Single Sign On, in leading solutions.

iPad and Phone Security: Prevent privacy leaks with apps and unsuspectingly passing information to third parties. ZSentry includes protection against keyboard cache files. Read moreGo

Usability, No Setup: ZSentry offers options that just work, sending and receiving secure email without setup. Recipients can receive messages securely on first contact and without registration. Click ZSentry AppClick and ZSentry SMSClick

Usability, Highest Possible Ease-of-Use (HPEoU): ZSentry also offers HPEoU options, with no added user interface and nothing for users to learn. Users can send and read securely with the effort of a single one mouse click. See ZSentry On-SiteClick | ZSentry CloudClick | ZSentry APIClick

Usability, Pre-Authorized SSL SMTP (PASS): HPEoU options include a secure personalization setup to properly match ZSentry with each user's authorized environment. This is easily accomplished by means of the ZSentry PASS, which is issued automatically upon request by authenticated users. For instructions see ZSentry On-SiteClick | ZSentry CloudClick | ZSentry APIClick

Support, Self-Management: With any option, users can self-manage their accounts 24/7, including to recover or reset access credentials, request a PASS, and submit support tickets. Users can be automatically contacted as needed, by means of service messages. Users may be allowed by their organization to self-manage their configuration, which can be done per message or as a new default, for example through their clients or using ZSentry AppClick and bookmark

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