ZSentry Registration

Context Help is available for each item during registration. Click the respective link.

ZSENTRY Mail Terms of Service: The Terms of Service define the terms and conditions of your use of ZSentry. To use ZSentry you must confirm that you accept the Terms of Service. Click on the underlined link to read the Terms of Service. Payment information will be additionally requested from the PREMIUM Account Manager during first login.

Account Manager: (PREMIUM) The person who manages the account, the account settings and all users in the account (including adding and closing user accounts). All users in the account, including the Account Manager, are PREMIUM users. Your role of Account Manager will not be disclosed by ZSentry in any outgoing email messages.

Name: Example: "John K. Smith, M.D." or "Dave Newnam (Sales)". Your Name can include title and/or work unit, as you desire. Your Name will be sent with all outgoing email messages. You must have the legal right to use the Name you enter as your personal identifier for this account. See also the FAQ, for "Pseudonym usage with ZSentry & Privacy Protection". Your name is registered as the ACCOUNT USER.

Email Address: We will send your ZSENTRY Usercode to this Email Address. You must be able to read email at this email address, answer and log in promptly with your ZSENTRY Usercode in order to activate your account. This procedure authenticates your Email Address by challenge-response, protecting your email identity for sending and receiving ZSentry. In some cases, we may also send a first email for confirmation that we have your correct email address; after you reply, we will send a second email with your ZSENTRY Usercode. Your ZSentry messages will be sent using this Email Address in the fields "From:", "Reply-to:" and "Return Path:". This has the effect of directing both replies and bounces to you, at this Email Address. You must have the legal right to use the Email Address for this registration, for email routing and as your personal identifier for this account. See also the FAQ, for "Pseudonym usage with ZSentry & Privacy Protection". Your Email Address is registered with ZSentry.

RESET ACCOUNT: (this control is visible only when needed) Selecting this box allows you to securely reset your login credentials, and your account, in case of loss or compromise. This option will do the following:
  1. Change your ZSENTRY Password to the value that you have chosen now.
  2. Send you an email with your new ZSENTRY Usercode and Return Code.
  3. When you login, delete your current account and prime a new account.
  4. When you login, terminate all users of the current account. (PREMIUM)
NOTE: Logging in with your new credentials will activate this request. If you want to cancel this request before you activate it, just login with your previous credentials.

ZSENTRY Password: Choose your Password for login. We do not know your Password; there is no password list at ZSentry. Your Password is required when you want to log in. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and is case sensitive. Your password cannot begin or end with a space. For your security, your password should not be 100% alphanumeric. A password can use all the characters !@#$%^&*()_-+=[]|\;:"?/,.< >`~' and space (NOTE: space must not be used to begin or end a password). Try to make your password as unique as possible, but memorable by you. It's a good idea to write down your Password EVEN BEFORE YOU TYPE IT and keep it somewhere safe, possibly in two different safe locations, not near your computer. Use Password Peek to read and verify what you actually typed.

Safe copy: Disregard opinions that say you should not write down your password. There are security reasons why you should -- for example, to prevent your memory becoming a single point of failure. What matters is that you keep your copy safe. Do NOT put it under your keyboard, Do NOT put it on your monitor, Do NOT put it near your computer, and Do NOT put it anywhere else where you alone cannot physically control access.

Password Peek™: Click the link to read what you actually typed as your ZSENTRY Password, which is masked as "********" by your browser. You should only use Password Peek if you know no one else can see it. Make sure you will remember your Password. It is a good idea to WRITE IT DOWN and keep it somewhere safe, possibly in two different safe locations, not near your computer.

What if I forget my ZSENTRY Usercode / Return Code / Password?
Read the ZSENTRY Credential Reset & Recovery Help

Re-enter Password: We ask you to please enter your ZSENTRY Password twice, for confirmation of your input.

You were referred by: (PREMIUM) Please tell us who referred you to our service, if we do not show the web page you came from. If you wish to be contacted by us to provide feedback, we would like you to please mark the checkbox too.

Subscriber Name / Organization: (PREMIUM) Enter the name of your Organization or Subscriber Name. This entry will be used in uppercase. Your Subscriber Name is listed as SUBSCRIBER/ORGANIZATION in your ZSentry Verified Seal and Letterhead.

HELP & CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Go to the Support Center link at any page for help and support requests.

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