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Why Use ZMAIL?


Business-Ready PREMIUM

PREMIUM accounts have additional features for improved use in business.

Security and Privacy

Correspondence is supposed to be private. However, email messages are like postcards, open for scanning, searching and for anyone to read and even write on them. Anyone receiving an email identifying you as the sender has no way of knowing if you really sent it. Your emails are being more and more scanned, data-mined and read by others, confused with spam and phishing, and deleted or delayed by overloaded systems and people.

Every email or attachment you send over a computer network is copied (and perhaps even backed up) on many different computers, without your explicit knowledge and consent. That's the way computers pass data around -- they make copies.

ZMAIL makes it easy to communicate securely. With ZMAIL you can encrypt, authenticate and send any document electronically, to anyone, without effort and without asking for encryption keys, digital certificates or available software. Only the recipient can read it. You can satisfy the secure email expectations of yourself, your users, customers and partners without software installation or training.

So, how can you trust email? ZMAIL makes it easy. In addition to protecting the privacy of email messages, with ZMAIL every message, every sender and every recipient are authenticated every time.

Your most important email

Your most important email is the email you receive. If that email is a ZMAIL, you know that the message is secure and that the sender's address has been positively verified. If the sender has a ZMAIL PREMIUM account, you also know that the sender has a commercial account and is paying to sending you that message -- a good sign. The same happens for ZMAIL messages you send, allowing your messages to stand out against the clutter of email. Even if the recipient does not know you.

No server data vulnerability

ZMAIL does not have your login data or keys. You are the only holder of the login data (your ZSENTRY Usercode and your ZSENTRY Password) that grants access to your account and allows your emails to be encrypted or decrypted. Your user keys literally do not exist until you log in again. Unless you login, no one can decrypt your encrypted data.

Login Security

ZMAIL is not as dependent on password quality for login security, as conventional systems are. With ZSENTRY technology, passwords are not at risk anywhere (not even encrypted or in digest form) and they are paired with an unpredictable ZSENTRY Usercode that is also not at risk anywhere. Therefore, a ZSENTRY password cannot be cracked by itself (contrary to passwords in conventional systems) and has to be guessed together with the corresponding and hard-to-guess ZSENTRY Usercode.

Stop Email Fraud

No phishing, no spoofing, no spam. ZMAIL has a simple and secure two-phase login method that prevents spoofing and phishing email attacks, two major threats to your identity and security today. In addition, every message, every sender and every recipient are authenticated every time. ZMAIL has zero-tolerance to spam and is able to enforce it -- anyone using ZMAIL to send spam can be easily tracked down. These are important and unique advantages of being a ZSENTRY user, both for sending and receiving email.


As easy to use as the email you already know how to use. No security or cryptography knowledge is required to use ZMAIL. The login looks like the usual username and password login, presented in two screens. Encrypted messages can be read directly, without copy and paste.

FREE personal use

ZMAIL BASIC allows anyone to decrypt and authenticate email, including attachments, without cost. Anyone, including your customers, can also use ZMAIL BASIC to send encrypted non-commercial email. To prevent abuse and SPAM, ZMAIL BASIC users can send a limited number of secure email ZMAIL messages a day. There is no limitation for reading secure email ZMAIL messages.


ZMAIL PREMIUM provides a secure Web service for email decryption and encryption with tracking, reporting, export/import and other empowering functions for personal and business use. In addition, PREMIUM messages are sent with an encrypted PREMIUM Seal, visible to recipients. Recipients will know that you have a PREMIUM commercial account and that you took care in sending a secure, authenticated message to them -- and that's why the message is important. Two- factor authentication is available (starts Q2/05, advance enquiries are welcome).

Use anywhere

ZMAIL PREMIUM is available in two Editions: Web Service and in-house Gateway Device. Each Edition allows you to send, track and receive ZMAIL for any number of users and recipients, manage account users and generate reports yourself, providing the same quality of protection. Users of the Web Service and of a Gateway Device may communicate securely with each other, with no need for pre-enrollment.

No changes

Easy to deploy. Use it today. Keep your ISP, email servers and email addresses. Use webmail services. Use the same email agent you already use today, including Outlook, Mozilla, Thunderbird, and Eudora; integrate your email flow and use your current address book with ZMAIL PREMIUM. Nothing to download or install. No security training required. No need to pre-register recipients.

Webmail with Privacy

Use free webmail service without disclosure risk. Free webmail service providers including Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail offer a generous amount of free storage, from 100Mb to 1,000Mb. But the simple fact is that the more storage you use, the higher the disclosure risk you have. While disclosing your personal information is usually protected by major webmail providers, how about the business information? Business information, as well as demographic and market-valuable information contained in your email messages, is not protected. And break-ins can always occur, as well as compromises from viruses, worms, social engineering, disclosures by webmail employees and third-party failures. With ZMAIL you can now use free webmail providers without disclosure risk. You can use webmail free storage as your secure "disk drive" in the sky, on the go.

Comply with legal regulations

Comply with legal regulations and reduce your liability. Organizations and professionals in several areas need to comply with legal regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley regarding information and privacy protection when sending and receiving email. ZMAIL allows you not only to easily comply with such regulations but also to demonstrate that you do -- ZMAIL automates all the security procedures for your organization.

More than just privacy

You need secure email. Even if you have nothing to hide and don't care about your email being read by others. Email users have several needs in protecting email, not just privacy. For example, sorting emails for spam, spoofing and phishing is not a productive way to spend your time. ZMAIL makes it easy for legitimate email to stand out. In addition, ZMAIL allows you to protect your name or brand against spoofing, prevent social engineering attacks, accept attachments that you know come from known contacts, without fear of worms and viruses infecting your computer, and track delivery of your email.

ZMAIL works for everyone.

Achieve buy-in: ZMAIL works for everyone. ZMAIL is the user-friendly secure email solution that protects your email and also, without any additional cost to you or them, the recipients of your messages. It's easy for your recipients to accept the same security solution that you choose to use -- ZMAIL.

It's technically sound

ZMAIL provides a framework that allows trust to be induced and developed between parties in a dialogue, individuals or organizations. ZMAIL provides the dialogue parties (you and the recipient of your message, for example) with a secure context to support key management. Messages between the dialogue parties use a unique secret key (the "communication key"). The communication key management data is stored encrypted by each respective user key in that user's area. This is secure even against an internal attack at ZMAIL because user keys are not at risk anywhere and are only available inside a "safe box" momentarily, when the user logs in. The communication key is different for every sender and recipient pair, is never transmitted, and is unknown to either party.

ZMAIL supports the usual distinction between users and managers of an account. With ZMAIL PREMIUM, the account manager is authoritative to manage the account, the account settings, as well as adding and closing user accounts. The trust framework provided by ZMAIL reflects the usual needs of each organization's account manager (who seeks, for example, to impose centralized control over their users' reliance conditions on communication keys) and the concurrent needs of each individual user (who seeks, for example, to retain private and local validation of communication keys). The flexibility of having both centralized control over the conditions of reliance while supporting localized validation is an important feature of ZMAIL's management of address books, communication keys, and email tracking. The trust framework provided by Zmail works also across administration boundaries and in heterogeneous environments, a typical situation where there are many account managers, many users and multiple authority roots.

In addition to providing the trust framework, ZMAIL also provides users with a scalable web implementation of the security services (such as identity management, authentication, confidentiality protection, integrity protection, access control, timestamping, and non-repudiation), in terms of standard, public algorithms and their revisions. This is tightly integrated with the email functions (such as import, export, address book, compose, attach, send, read, reply, and forward), and the management functions (such as tracking, reporting, auditing, credential reset and recovery, and account self-management) that are selectively available to users and account managers.

All of this reduces costs, security gaps, complexity and training, making ZMAIL a very user-friendly secure email solution. With ZMAIL your email CAN be safe.

ZMAIL Spoofing, Phishing, Pharming and Spam FAQ

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