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Email Security

What does ZMAIL use to provide email security?
ZMAIL uses standards-based encryption and digital signatures, with High-Grade 128-bit Encryption. ZMAIL prevents spoofing, impersonation, spam, phishing, pharming, tampering and eavesdropping. Unless you are logged in, ZMAIL cannot send, encrypt or decrypt an email using your keys.

What do I need to do to deploy ZMAIL?
ZMAIL is easy to deploy. You can use any email service provider, software and keep your current email address. There is nothing to install or eventually update, or remove. You can send secure email to anyone, you can receive secure email from anyone. There is no need to pre-enroll recipients.

It is as easy to use as Yahoo. (user comment)

How about email security for myself and my recipients?
ZMAIL balances the roles of sender and recipient:

ZSENTRY also protects sender and recipient against fraud (spoofing, phishing, pharming) when logging in to encrypt or decrypt an email. This is an important and unique advantage of being a ZSENTRY user, both for sending and receiving email.

ZMAIL Spoofing, Phishing, Pharming and Spam FAQ

Email Security Begins With The Login...

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