ZSentry Applications

ZSentry integrates email, security and message access control, directly providing many security features. For example, because ZSentry timestamps all messages, your recipients know that your email was sent at the right time.

In addition, because ZSentry secures your document from end-to-end (i.e., from your computer to the recipient's computer) and also at the end-point, you can use your ZSentry account for secure applications just using your own computer (with no need for a secure site or a third-party). Click the links below to learn more:
Secure Email (Zmail) Verified Identity
Self-Destruct Email Certified Delivery
Synchronized Distribution Secure IM and Storage
Bidding Auctions
Futures Voting
Secure Elections Games

You can also use ZSentry for other control functions that both you and your recipients can rely on. Please contact us.

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