Version 5

Version 5 Announcement: We are rolling out NMA ZSentry version 5 to all customers.

You can see and explore NMA ZSentry v5 today. Send a secure email using Google Apps, Gmail, Outlook, iPad, or ZSentry App (ZSentry App itself still retains the Classic look for now). Highlights:
  • many usability improvements, including Znote (see below);
  • more intuitive use;
  • more functions (if you need) including on sender identity;
  • even faster;
  • better cell phone rendering; and the most important of all...
  • Secure Quick Reply that allows the recipient to reply securely WITHOUT registration or login. Please try it!
To provide a context for the secure email, and help overcome the first-contact barrier, we also place the organization name and information in prominence.

Znote: To help overcome first-contact hesitation and confusion, and help prevent phishing, we further enable senders to add an interpersonal touch. We created a Znote space, which is a custom plaintext note from the sender, visible without decryption, in the email envelope. The Znote is visible in the email summary that, for example, Gmail provides before reading the actual email.

And, of course, you can write the Znote in the language of the recipient! This is useful to enhance the interpersonal context and help flag spam.

In addition, the Znote is also searchable, so that you can easily add externally-visible keywords to your secure message.

How-to add your custom Znote:

Use with: ZSentry App, Google Apps and Mail clients

In the Subject line, after your subject text, add a space, the 6 characters  %(ZN)%  and then another space. After that, write your Znote. The letters ZN must be in uppercase. The Znote will not clutter the actual Subject that is received and will be placed in plaintext at the top of your email envelope.

EXAMPLE (in Subject Header):
This is your account info %(ZN)% Good to see you at lunch! I am sending the info by secure email. You can read and reply to me securely with your authorization (use Quick Reply, no need to register).
Please try it by sending a secure email to yourself.

NON-ENGLISH USE: if you are using a language other than English, verify that you are not using UTF-8 language encoding in the subject. Please try with a simple ASCII text first (to make sure that you are not using UTF-8).

The v5 upgrade is going out in waves, so as not to disrupt normal use. The current status is as follows:
  • active for ZSentry App sending and reading;
  • Active for Google Apps and Outlook use (SSL/SMTP).
  • all previously sent zmails (not expired) have also been grand-fathered into v5 so that they will open in v5 even though they were sent in v4
You do not need to do anything: all your secure emails, sent or received, are now in v5.

Attention Administrators: Setup now has even less steps in version 5. Basically, users do not need to login to ZSentry before, and you can use the same PASS template for every user, so that if you are an admin you no longer need to get a PASS for each user.

We will be updating this and other web pages at with other v5 highlights.

See also: What's Inside?

Feedback: Please send us a Support Ticket and let us know about Quick Reply, Znote, v5 and other thoughts. If something does not work for you, please let us know so that we can address the difficulty. Any ideas on what calls your attention in v5 will also be very useful.

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