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Technical Summary: ZSentry App is an application that uses SSL HTTP service to communicate securely between a web browser and ZSentry, presenting to the user a web interface. It also offers SSL SMTP send connectors. There is no setup, no plugin, no download, no requirements on any existing plugins, and no installation. Users may customize operation for default use (Dashboard in ZSentry App) and, if allowed by the organization's administrator, also per-message (Task Codes).

ZSentry App Benefits:
  • Web browsers cannot send email directly, but with ZSentry App they can send email, attachments, and it's secure.
  • No setup.
  • Provides ZSentry account management functions.
  • Works with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  • Access security includes 128-bit server-authenticated SSL with anti-spoofing protection, two-factor strong (cryptographic) user authentication, hardened login to prevent dictionary and brute force attacks, and no username / password lists.
  • Uses ZSentry "no-target" technology that eliminates the online copy and storage of passwords and keys, thus eliminating major risk factors in protecting servers and clients against breaches due to penetration attacks, which is specially useful for Cloud apps.
  • Offers bi-directional SSL/HTTP (HTTPS) communication and send connectors for SSL/SMTP (SMTPS), standards-based and compatible with most office & server applications.
  • Can process, send and read ZSentry messages, securely connecting third-party clients and servers.
  • Complies with HIPAA, HITECH Safe Harbor, GLBA, SOX, and financial regulations.
  • No HIPAA Business Associate Agreement to sign.
  • Uses two-factor authentication and certifies both your Name and Email Address before a message is sent or read.
  • Your message can be read anywhere. ZSentry App works seamlessly cross-platform for sending, reading & replying.
How to use: You signup, login, and use by clicking the ZSentry App link. Provides ZSentry account management functions, some without requiring login (for example, Account Reset). Provides a user interface (the Dashboard) to personalize ZSentry Client and request your PASS (PRE-AUTHORIZED SSL SMTP). You use ZSentry App directly, without any setup or installation.
Choose a solution to use with ZSentry App:
Web BrowserWeb Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari
SMSMobile: iPad, cell phone, phone SMS text messages and IM
Custom useCustom Use: Tell us about any other solution you would like to use with ZSentry App.
NOTE: for additional solutions that can use ZSentry, see ZSentry Zero

ZSentry enables clean solutions to the current email security and usability problems, for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can send and read secure email as easily as regular email, with 1-click using your web browser. And you do not even need to use a mail provider — you can read encrypted mail, SMS, IM, and files directly (sender must use the ZSENTRY Skin).

Develop and use "ZSentry Apps empowered" apps to easily deploy secure business processes throughout the enterprise and beyond, using secure ZSentry Mail to deliver messages directly and reliably to the Inbox.

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Frequent Questions:

> > Can I use ZSentry to protect my confidential information when I need to use a webmail account?
>> How about HIPAA compliance?
>> Why email?
>> How can people prevent spam, spoofing and phishing?
>> How can I make Web apps hacker proof?
>> Do you have an API?

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