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Get more value while using what people already own and love. ZSentry works with no demands or changes to any systems, while enabling foolproof regulatory compliance and mobility.

Why is ZSentry foolproof?
This is a very important factor in improving how IT security is used. Until now, humans have been the weakest link in IT security. ZSentry is designed to avoid common problems caused by human error or misuse. No training, software, purchase, setup, signup, or login for recipients to read and reply to secure messages. Organizations can use ZSentry for secure communication with no concern that users will have password, technology, or device issues in any platform.

How about End-to-end Encryption & Regulatory Compliance?
With ZSentry, your data is protected by end-to-end encryption, onsite, online, and at rest. The user and not ZSentry or a provider holds the keys. ZSentry is certified as a Health IT HIPAA compliant Product under ARRA and EHR, and complies with other regulations including HITECH Safe Harbor, GLBA, FERPA, and U.S. State Security Breach Notification Laws. Encrypt to yourself or others. That's why you can get peace of mind for email, webmail, SMS, web forms, file storage, cloud service and more in the desktop, tablet, and phone.

Improved Mobility, BYOD
Some of the most significant enterprise security concerns today include device diversity and the consumerization of information technology.

We know that, for a number of reasons including cost and management, it is usually not viable to include customers, partners, providers, and suppliers in a secure email account provided by an enterprise. This issue is becoming more important with BYOD ("bring your own device") and the consumerization of the enterprise. However, there are regulatory and security needs for enterprises to communicate securely beyond the enterprise borders, with practically anyone and often on first contact.

ZSentry free reading and reply services satisfy these needs, helping assure regulatory compliance for the enterprise with zero cost and no burden for recipients. ZSentry enhances mobile device services, and not just in terms of security but also in allowing organizations to deploy apps with higher usability and performance than native apps. This also enables organizations to standardize "best-in-class" apps across different devices.

With ZSentry mobility also means unified communications, which goes beyond serving mobile devices and eliminates guesswork. Users can send one message and connect to employees and customers anywhere, anytime, in the desktop, tablet, and phone. What each user sees is automatically matched to access level, experience, and device capability.

What exactly do you mean by "No Changes"?
ZSentry is already seamlessly integrated in leading IT solutions that users and organizations have and know how to use, with no work for you or them. Nonetheless, ZSentry will likely add functionality, such as Self-Destruct, Secure Vault, and Return Receipt, allowing your organization to do more, cut costs, and promote revenue growth.

ZSentry benefits include:
  • Securely use existing cloud Apps, such as Gmail and Google Apps, and eliminate their most troublesome security issues;

  • Securely use existing desktop Mail clients such as Outlook and Apple Mail, and eliminate the use of plugins, CA certificates, and third-party programs that would have to be installed, certified, and maintained;

  • Securely communicate with anyone, in any device, from any device, even on a first contact.
These points also mean that you no longer have to choose between devices and cloud, between Mail clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, iPad, Thunderbird, Android) and cloud apps (Google Apps, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Live). And, uniquely within such a wide range of configurations, ZSentry complies with HIPAA and HITECH Safe Harbor regulations without signing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), even though ZSentry can sign a BAA if you desire.

What can I do with ZSentry?
For example, you, your employees, partners, and customers can send and read secure email as easily as regular email, with 1-click using existing Mail clients and cloud Apps.

At long last people can focus on what they want to do, not how they have to do it.

Comparisons and Technical Review

ZSentry includes the best of Desktop, Cloud and Mobile, with enhanced security and reduced cost in each case, while assuring the highest scores of security and usability when compared with other technologies.

Security and Usability Chart, © E. Gerck, 2008The two most important requirements of an information system for business use are security and usability. In point-by-point comparisons, various performance criteria have been evaluated for different implementations of the same technology, and then summarized in terms of security and usability. The graph provides a visualization of the relative positions of each information security technology in terms of security and usability, measured using secure email as an application example. The bubbles represent uncertainty due to implementation differences.

As the graph shows, ZSentry is qualitatively better in both security and usability than PGP, PKI/X.509 and IBE. Moreover, ZSentry also supports PKI/X.509 and PGP, and extends these standards in significant ways. An important issue solved, of course, is the problem of initial contact. ZSentry allows secure first contact and reply without previous interaction (e.g., exchanging passwords, requiring registration) or work (e.g., searching a directory, solving puzzles), and provides a number of life-cycle control functions, including release and expiration. ZSentry also supports SAML and SSO, so that it can be part of a federated-identity ecosystem.

Microsoft Outlook using ZSentryZSentry is already seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook and other Mail clients, without any download, installation, or plugins.

ZSentry integration with established Mail clients is a two-way street. It gives ZSentry users the critical benefits of a regular email solution (not just webmail) as well as it gives Outlook and other Mail client users the benefits of cloud servers without the privacy concerns.

Even more importantly, with ZSentry, a choice is just where to start. Business users commonly prefer to have their data local for privacy and control. Desktop systems such as Outlook are much easier for corporate setup and dealing with moderate to high mail volume, incoming or outgoing. And you can integrate data from different applications and different sources on the desktop in ways that you can't do so well yet with online-based solutions, such as in sending secure personalized messages merging each recipient's name and records. Cloud systems such as Google Apps, Gmail and Yahoo, offer easy access from anywhere, much lower cost (even free), 24/7 maintenance, and other benefits. ZSentry allows you to easily unlock the benefits of all options, including desktop, cloud, mobile, web, and their integration.

How about cloud Apps and SaaS?
ZSentry enhances the security of cloud Apps and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), thereby improving acceptance.

Indeed, computing in the "cloud" has attractive cost points but faces an acceptance barrier due to the security problem of protecting servers and clients against breaches due to penetration attacks. This makes companies nervous about trusting their emails and trade secrets to a cloud App today. While risks can usually be mitigated by building in layers of redundancy, this does not apply to disclosure, where risks increase with redundancy — more copies means more risks.

ZSentry, however, leapfrogs today's cloud App problems. You can now use cloud Apps such as Gmail and Google Apps even more securely, similarly to what is offered with the ZSentry Desktop solution. How? ZSentry is effective because it eliminates the online copy and storage of passwords and keys, thus eliminating the risk. The claim is not that a breach becomes impossible, but that if and when there is breach, nothing of value could be compromised. Read about ZSentry + Gmail and Google Apps >>

Uniquely, with ZSentry you have no targets online. With ZSentry, your emails are stored locally with you, and encrypted if you wish. Your login credentials and your keys are not stored anywhere, so that there is no password or user key list that could be attacked online. Without a key anywhere to be found, all your files, which are encrypted, are just gibberish if captured by an attacker. ZSentry further protects your identity, with name and email address authentication provided by cryptographic challenge-response with two-factor authentication and anti-spoofing.

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