NMA ZSentry Client

ZSentry ClientAdds secure Mail and Single-Sign-On in clients
Use your own Cloud or Mail client
Zero-added user interface
No plugins, no changes
For server use, see ZSentry API

If you’re not using ZSentry with a mail or cloud client you’re missing the full picture!

Pricing: SStarts at $9.99 / month, get ZSentry App, Client and API for full use. Freedom to cancel at any time. Buy ZSentry Now»


Already integrated with Google Apps, Gmail, Fastmail, Outlook, iPad, iPhone, Android and more. To setup, you can contact a ZSentry Certified Partner or do-it-yourself:
  1. Get your PASS
    Signup or Login with ZSentry App then click "Dashboard > Personalize > Save". A [ZMAIL INFO] email will be sent to your Inbox, with your PASS (PRE-AUTHORIZED SSL SMTP) and instructions.
  2. Go app-less
    Send and read as easily as with regular email. Send securely with 1-click: just select the secure account to send from and click Send. Automate sending securely by default or by policy, using your Mail client or Exchange server. Higher productivity for everyone. No new app, no new user interface to learn, no changes. ZSentry Client with Premium service provides HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliance today, your way. Use cloud, desktop, and mobile clients. You just need to choose how you want to start to use ZSentry Client. You can use all your different options with just one ZSentry license:

  3. Personalization (optional)
    The sender choices for the ZSentry Client (and ZSentry App) can be personalized using the ZSentry App Dashboard. To access, login using ZSentry App and look for the Dashboard controls at the bottom. Choices in the To/Cc bar can also be personalized. When you are done, make sure you click "Dashboard > Personalize > Save" to make your choices active for the ZSentry Client. They will also become the new default for ZSentry App.

    HIPAA Advisory:
    If your organization is a HIPAA Covered Entity, HIPAA compliance requires the ZSentry Premium service. The Basic service does not include all the functions of the Premium service (some of them required for regulatory compliance by organizations), and is not included in the ZSentry HIPAA Compliance Statement.

    The default ZSentry Premium sender choices are HIPAA-compliant with automatic mailbox authentication, login monitoring, and expiration control, enabling secure first-contact and reply without recipient registration. Senders can personalize the ZSentry Client (see Personalization above) to use a different default. For example, senders can require recipient registration, and also login, can activate the Secure Vault option, and request a Return Receipt.

ZSentry Client is already integrated with: Java, PHP, Microsoft C#, .NET, Exchange Server, Office, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail, Gmail & Google Apps, Apple Mail, iPad, and iPhone, Mozilla Thunderbird, and more.

Also called ZSentry Zero, due to its zero-added user interface. ZSentry Client provides a client-interface to use secure, customized SSL SMTP service with leading Desktop, Cloud and Mobile clients. ZSentry Client enables users to send and read secure email as easily as regular email. Has no plugins or installation. Requires client setup. ZSentry Client is included in all configurations.

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